With Let’s Get Digital you can grow your number of attendees, extend your brand awareness and increase the ROI of your sponsors and exhibitors.

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Let's Get Digital for their events

Virtual influencers

Make sure you set the right mood – let our virtual influencers keep the chat going and create inspiring moments that spark interaction within your attendees.

Earthquake Feature

Shake things up with our earthquake feature! Make all buttons and boxes shake and tumble, create an unexpected moment for your attendees that will reverberate in their memories forever!


In need of a break? With our toilet feature, you show your attendees the way to the virtual toilet. Let them take a break and return to their event refreshed!

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By reducing yours, significantly

Saved trees
Connections made
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Let's Get Digital


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Customisable so it fits your brand

Make our platform yours and customise it with your branding. Very professional!

Timezones icon

Always the right time

Add different time zones to your lobby so users everywhere are always showing up at the right time for your sessions.


Networking is where the real magic happens

Schedule 1-on-1 or even group meetings or chat with peers. It means every user or type of audience can connect in their favourite way.

Surprise behind every door

See next-level networking at work

You can even dive into the networking carousel, a smart matchmaking feature where people with similar interests are connected to each other. It’s like speed dating but for networking.


Shape the events to your needs

Add any type of session, webinar, or breakout room to put together the best possible program for your users.

Virtual partner booths

Set up top-notch partner booths

Exhibitors and sponsors can set up virtual stands with live streams, videos, online chat, or meeting options with availability calendar, downloads, links to social, and much more! But wait, that’s not all, they can even advertise during the event itself.

A surprise behind every door

Are you ready to be dazed by everything our platform has in store for you? Let’s Get Digital promises a surprise behind every door. Something unexpected, exciting or inspiring – with all our features, you’ll be assured an event is never boring! Are you ready to check out what’s behind that door?

The networking carousel - a feature by Let's Get Digital

Next level networking

Networking is one of the main reasons someone shows up for an event, so let’s make it worth their while! We’ve gone all-in on bringing the in-person networking experience online! Don’t let your event be a snooze-fest, but rather: create something that will be memorable. Many features will show your visitor how incredibly surprising and interactive networking can be, even at an online or hybrid event.

Let's proudly present our partners

Who are they? What do they do? Can I join the club? We get it, you have many questions. If you read on, you’ll find out more about our current partners. Get to know who they are and what they do. And, you know, maybe you’ll become one of them soon?


Let people attend, regardless of circumstance or location.

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Host any virtual event for any audience, anywhere

Draw in more visitors and create the professional event you always wanted.

Keep detailed tabs on your event stats

Fine-tune events and learn from detailed insights to make informed decisions.

Reduce your event CO2 footprint

Save the environment AND grow your business. No transportation is involved.

Need inspiration?

Read our STORIES

Every event is focused on a specific topic and/or theme, so pick the one with the topic that appeals to you the most. Feel free to sign up for more than one event!