3 handy tips to monetize your virtual or hybrid event 

Hosting an online event is one thing, but being able to monetize it is a second. How do you do that? Which tools are there to create a successful event. – not only for your attendees but also for you. In this blog, we give you three tips on monetising your event so it’s a […]

How does an emotional response help create memorable events?  

Want to create memorable events? Bet you do! Did you know that emotion plays a significant role in the process of remembering events? A lot of big brains are pondering the question how. Let’s Get Digital  thought it over and has a part of the answer for you. Namely: why do you need this emotional […]

Three golden tips for digital speakers


Three golden tips for digital speakers Giving a presentation online? Anyone can do that. However, activating your audience, inspiring them and keeping their attention to following your entire presentation is not so easy. What tips are essential for giving a good presentation? We put this question to one of our enthusiastic Event Consultants, Meike Paternotte. […]