Let’s Get Digital gives Groningen a warm start to 2022

Groningen, 3 January 2022 Let’s Get Digital is providing less fortunate people, in the city of Groningen, a warm start to 2022 by donating more than 50 hoodies to the Salvation Army and a contribution to the Voedselbank. Let’s Get Digital, founded in Groningen, is a software company that focuses on facilitating remarkable online, in-person […]

Eurovision Song Contest 2021 uses Groningen-based Let’s Get Digital

eurovision open up

The Eurovision Song Contest 2021, which will be held in Rotterdam in May, will use the environment of Let’s Get Digital during the festival to host international media in a virtual press center. Last week, the Song Contest announced to perform this edition at one and a half meters, with sharp corona measures allowing all […]

Through the eyes of Let’s Get Digital – Bas Krijgsman


“We even had the idea to deliver food, just to be able to do something.” Bas and Ruben see their dream fall apart. On March 15, 2020, it will be announced that all events are prohibited until September 1st. A fast-growing company called EventInsight sees sales plummet to zero – nothing, zilch, nada. Literally every […]

Through the eyes of the speaker – René Lolkema

“On a physical stage, because of the bright lights, you often only see the first two rows. So, it won’t be such a big difference.” René Lolkema (Business Coach and Team Coach) – Speaker during The Showcase of Niquell In the beginning… I got the most business out of networking before COVID-19. But of course, […]

Five awesome possibilities in the Let’s Get Digital platform

Looking for your next meeting

Since the launch of Let’s Get Digital, we have invested a lot of time in building great features on our platform. This is how we make our slogan ”digital that feels like physical” come true. In designing our platform we started with a very important question: what is the visitor’s journey? In order to map […]

Edward goes digital

Edward the event haunts the streets. Less than a year ago, he ran weekly events. But since March, everything is different. Since then, he is unemployed. Edward was always a cheerful event, with beautiful impressive decorations, an extensive program, and inspiring speakers. People liked to visit Edward. Sometimes he was a big event, sometimes a bit […]

Everything is a learning process; what did event managers learn from 2020?

Digitale mogelijkheden

“If you haven’t conducted research or gained experience with virtual alternatives to live events, you’re way behind and have a lot of catching up to do!” – Merijn van Buuren Time to look back At the beginning of 2021, we look back at the year 2020. Who could have predicted a year ago that the […]

LGD Expert Session Online Networking

The month of February is here and it’s time for a special Valentine’s edition of the Expert Sessions. What are the latest developments in Online Networking and how do you best present yourself online? We have asked Experts from the event industry to prepare a session with the theme Online Networking. The panel of Experts […]

After rain comes sunshine

Gardening bij Emma

While Emma has been watering her rose bush, pruning the young buds, and the last weeds have been removed, she remembers with melancholy a time when she was running and supervising events almost every day. The world of events has been lying on its ass for a long time because of coronavirus measures. There are […]