Let's get the best of both worlds!

It sounds weird, doesn’t it? COVID-19 is responsible for more event visitors to your in-person events, but in the long term, it is! Now we can finally go in-person again; it’s time to combine the best? part of the two worlds.

Be ready! The session starts in...


Ready to engage a bigger audience?

Virtual events showed us that event managers could get 2 to 3 times as many attendees to their event as the in-person version. They increased in not only terms of attendees but also in terms of brand name & awareness.

During the Expert Session on the 16th of June (from 15:30 to 16:30), our CEO, Bas Krijgsman, will talk about the possibilities that the new technologies brought us. Pre-events, hybrid events, content-teasers & online speed dates; boost the audience, enhance the number of connections, and make sure that more attendees will be present at the event.

Bas will talk about the different formats, the (financial) business cases & benefits behind them. In the end, there will be an open conversation about what other event managers currently see in their events and expect to happen.

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Networking through the creen - Let's Get Digital makes it possible

Reach extension

Use (pre/hybrid) virtual event extend your reach and generate pre-event connections with a stronger brand name.

Networking with Let's Get Digital

In-person advantages

The real networking is happening in the real word. But the ice is already broken before the event started.

Customize your event with Let's Get Digital

Powerful engagement solution

More (stronger) connections with a more diverse network. The ideal cocktail to make your event a success.