3 handy tips to monetise your virtual or hybrid event 

Hosting an online event is one thing, but being able to monetise it is a second. How do you do that? Which tools are there to create a successful event. – not only for your attendees but also for you. In this blog, we give you three tips on monetising your event so it’s a success for you. 

Money is not the only thing

It does make the world go round, but at Let’s Get Digital we believe that it should not be the ultimate goal you set when hosting an event. So this serves as a small disclaimer from our side to encourage you to host events to inspire people, surprise people, and create lasting memories. There are multiple options to light fireworks in people’s hearts and minds and we’d love to see that happening. But, we know that this is all good and well, but there are budgets to take into account in event organisation and bills to be paid. So, let’s talk money. 

1. Create a space for partner booths

There should be space for partners to exhibit themselves and create a moment of interaction with your guests. Not only because they will be contributing to the event experience and the knowledge of the attendees, but also because it creates a great ROI for you. Ask a commission for the deals they carry out after the event or generate some income by asking them to pay for the exposure.

2. Encourage interaction – even after the event!

Let your attendees convert! That will be the second step in monetising your event. With interaction on the platform, you encourage the attendee to connect with your brand and hopefully, they will think greatly about you long after your event. This also plays neatly into the effect of repetition.

The effect of repetition

Repeating something, or seeing it more often, forges a connection in your brain. If this connection gets re-activated enough, it will become more present in someone’s memory. If you create multiple touchpoints throughout the event with your brand (think: pre-care, interaction during the event and let’s not forget the best possible aftercare), it is more likely attendees will return to you for your services. 

“Repetition creates the strongest learning — and most learning —both implicit (like tying your shoes) and explicit (multiplication tables) relies on repetition.” 

Did we repeat ourselves enough? Maybe we should say it once more for the people in the back: make sure your attendees see you often, hear from you and interact with you! With the right aftercare, they’ll surely remember you and make use of your services! 

3. Allow for sponsored content 

Our platform offers the possibility to create branded content, so you can use this space to facilitate sponsoring. There’s at least the promise that thousands will see it because your event will be available anywhere. Create an ROI for the clients by offering them exposure space, where they can exhibit and leave space for their brand name to (re)appear. 

Do you want to make sure you monetise your virtual or hybrid event? Our experience managers can tell you everything about it! There are way more possibilities on our platform. the only thing you have to do is ask!


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