A handful of handy tips to nail online networking

You can’t just walk up to someone and strike up a conversation when you’re attending an online event. But really, the digital equivalent of networking is just as fun! Take all the conversational skills you already have, combine it with all your digital meeting-experience from the past year and voila: an online networker is born!

You’ll find a lot of tools that will stimulate networking on our platform – even if you’re attending a virtual or hybrid event. We’ve got plenty of possibilities for interaction that allow you to (video)chat with the speaker or other guests, respond with emojis or see where everyone is on our handy virtual moving map. We have a networking carousel that matches you up with other participants, so you can speed-network via video chat. In the Let’s Get Digital lobby you can even chat freely with anyone – but before you start randomly asking what everybody does in the group chat, here’s a handful of handy tips to nail online networking. 

Don’t be square

First and foremost: establish your online presence. No one likes to chat with someone that has an anonymised or standardised profile picture… So make sure the person you’re talking to knows who you are, what you do and where you work. Consider it your business card: people will check out your profile to see if you’re interesting to talk to. With a great picture (not the one your mom took with her old smartphone at the family Christmas dinner) and an inviting smile, you’re sure to be a hit in the online networking environment.

Get your set-up set up

Set up your computer in such a way that natural light is highlighting all of your amazing features, and you’re facing the camera. Yes, having multiple screens makes our working lives a little better; but looking at your second screen, instead of the person you’re conversing with, makes you seem distant or even uninterested. And – stating the obvious here! – peel off the tiny sticker that you put over your camera for privacy reasons and check your mic before starting a video chat. 

Want to try it yourself?

Take that first step

Don’t hang around in the back of the class, but be adventurous and interact from the very beginning. Whether online or offline, virtual or in person: this really goes for all networking situations. Be bold, be brave and initiate the conversation on our platform. Don’t overdo it, though. It might seem a little desperate if you’re collectively sending the same message to everyone who’s present. Keep it personal, and really… just do it!

Prevent your networking from ending up not working

Before you close your laptop and return to the real world, don’t forget to follow-up. If you’ve talked to five people but you’ve forgotten half of their names or the companies they work for, your networking effort was useless. With Let’s Get Digital you’ll get an overview after the event: who did you talk to? When did you meet them? This way you can get the best out of our Networking Carousel and interactive options!

P.S. It wouldn’t hurt to write down your own impressions of someone. If you remember a funny detail, it will help the memory stick.


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