It’s Thursday morning, a quarter past 8; the coffee machine is running and the employees of Let’s Get Digital are slowly dripping in. If you look around the office, you’ll often see young people who are passionate about their own work. If you ask someone about their colleague’s motivation, they can’t give you a specific answer.

The collective core values are unknown, and employees move freely from left to right and back again. A need has arisen to truly function as a team, and to ensure that all noses are pointing in the same direction.

Decision fatigue

The managers of Let’s Get Digital picked up a signal about this need, and decided to work together with the employees to establish core values. Formulating core values was very easy. So easy, in fact, that a page full of positive core values matching the identity of Let’s Get Digital and its employees was created in no time. However, choosing the most important core values from this list was quite difficult; but we succeeded.
‘Transforming’ – Let’s Get Digital transforms the event business. ‘Fanaticism’ – We strive for the highest level and want to do better every day. ‘Enthusiasm’ – We do what we like, with the people we like. These three core values fit Let’s Get Digital and its employees the best, and ensure that the company functions for the betterment of the organization as a whole. In addition, the following mission has been formulated: To improve events while making a positive impact on people and the environment.

Where are they now?

A few months later, it’s time to take another look at the Let’s Get Digital office. The employees are still as passionate about their work as ever. Now, when asked about a colleague’s motivations, the answer is extensive. The core values live within the company and everyone at Let’s Get Digital recognizes themselves in them. New employees are even selected to fit these values.
In which core values do employees recognize themselves? The first person to answer this question in detail is Niels. He fully recognizes himself in the ‘transforming’ core values, and says: “When I’m talking to customers, it’s all about what’s digitally possible. I like to think along with them about the realization of their event.”

Happily surprised about the possibilities

Niels continues: “I also occasionally say: don’t think ‘this is my physical event and how can I do this digitally?’ Instead, think ‘I’m going to do my event digitally – what is possible?’ This is the transformative thinking that makes clients happily surprised by the possibilities we offer!”

Enthusiasm on the work floor

Niels mentions another moment, this time about the fluid cooperation working within the team. He says: “On a busy day, a phone call came in from a customer. I was still working on other important matters and didn’t really have time for it. While I was thinking this, my sales colleague said: ‘You are going to do this EASY-PEASY and rock the conversation. You can do this and you are going to bring the customer in!’ Such enthusiasm from a colleague is of course great, and gives me a lot of energy”.

This is just one example of the daily enthusiasm living on the (digital) shop floor of Let’s Get Digital. Another employee, Natasja, says enthusiastically: “Everyone at Let’s Get Digital is looking forward to a time when the team building outings can be organized again. We are a very close team”.

There’s no shortage of fanaticism

All noses are pointing in the same direction, the core values are known, the mission is formulated and all employees are fanatical about the work they do. Everyone wants to work hard and is never too anxious to go the extra mile for each other. That fits in seamlessly with the goal of transforming the event world. Everyone at Let’s Get Digital 150% believes in the platform, and is very passionate about letting as many people in the world as possible experience Let’s Get Digital.

P.S. Will you be our new colleague?

After reading this blog, are you thinking ‘these core values suit me and I want to work here too’? Then you’re in luck! We are looking for new colleagues. Look for the vacancies here and please contact us with any questions.

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