EventInsight is now Let’s Get Digital

Before we were Let’s Get Digital, you might have known us as EventInsight. As Let’s Get Digital, we created a platform that delivers ultimate hybrid and virtual events. Born out of a necessity and developed in approximately three weeks, we turned the pandemic around and had it work to our advantage. We are rebranding Eventsinsight into Let’s Get Digital. The company Let’s Get Digital was born out of – to combine the best of both worlds. This way, we can give you (or your clients) the ultimate hybrid event experience, both in-person ánd online. 

Don’t worry, you’ll still get the support and service you’re used to! But we are rebranding everything EventInsight, into Let’s Get Digital. Our core values remain the same: each one of us – wherever they come from – is still incredibly enthusiastic, fanatical and ambitious. There’s just more of us. And you know what they say: the more, the merrier!

Knowledge sharing

We can’t – and won’t- forget where we came from, so knowledge sharing is paramount. Having the experience of EventInsight helps Let’s Get Digital to grow further. We’re currently expanding to new markets outside of the Netherlands, even outside the DACH region. One important change: EventInsight will not be a partner anymore, but will merge with Let’s Get Digital. This way, we have space to set up our own dedicated sales-department to ensure the focus on growth. Again: we’ll both profit from this expertise! 

Good, better, best

Joining forces means that we can expand our partner support. This allows us to give you an answer faster and better, because there’s more people to help. Support will still be an important factor in our service and since everybody strives for the same goal (read: give attendees the ultimate event experience), we can create better internal and external communication. This leads to more reliability, and relevant improvements of our product. 

Expanding also means we face some (new) challenges, but we’re confident we’ll reach a place soon where our increased resources translate themselves into benefits. Better planning, a product that is not like any other and a diversified range of events we organise. It’s improvement upon improvement here. 

Reap the benefits

Benefit from our energy, our increased service and our continuously evolving and improving product. Merged with EventInsight, we are stronger than ever and bursting with energy! We aim to get the most out of your (hybrid or virtual) events.

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