How does an emotional response help create memorable events?  

Want to create memorable events? Bet you do! Did you know that emotion plays a significant role in the process of remembering events? A lot of big brains are pondering the question how. Let’s Get Digital  thought it over and has a part of the answer for you. Namely: why do you need this emotional response? Want to find out? Continue reading! 

Make it stick

There are heaps of different theories about why we remember something better when being emotionally triggered – but nothing has been set in stone yet. We know that emotions are a key factor and it contributes to what it’s all about: making a memory stick to your brain. It’s been proven in multiple studies that memories that were made while people were in a neutral state, fade and decrease over time. Whilst a memory made while getting plenty of stimuli and actually feeling something, would remain the same or even increase in intensity. Go back to a moment when you felt pure joy and recall it. Did you have a great time going to the beach two years ago? We’re positive that the sky appeared lighter and the sea brighter when you recall the memory now! The happier you were during that moment, the better you remember it.

Why do we need this?

Triggering an emotion increases the likelihood of getting a memory to permanently stick to your brain. The possibility to create emotional responses and therefore enforce memories, are powerful tools to get events remembered. Let’s Get Digital helps you do exactly that. If you are able to surprise your visitor with elements that create emotional responses, you’ll get remembered! 

How do we achieve this? 

With Let’s Get Digital, you can trigger emotional responses through the screen and even better: involve interaction! Two essential elements to create a lasting and vivid memory. 

On our platform, you’ll find plenty of features (although we prefer the word ‘fireworks’ here) to surprise, move and inspire your visitor. Shake them up with the element of surprise by using our earthquake feature – let everything on our platform tremble in suspense halfway through your event and let it eventually collapse. Leaving them surprised and a little confused, smiling after they realize it’s meant to intervene and gets them out of their habitual meeting-behavior. 

Or: facilitate the possibility for interaction and make the right people connect (selected by AI). Let people inspire each other, give them just the right nudge to create emotional responses through conversation and interaction. Create memories that stick! 

Our platform gives you all the tools and features you need to create emotional responses and lasting memories. 

Want to try them out yourself?
Start making memories and sign up for our expert session!  


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