How to host a virtual event – a checklist.

Do you need to host a virtual event? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with this checklist! Make sure you tick of every box and have the right elements lined up to create your ultimate event that will be remembered for ever! Let’s Get Digital takes you through the essentials, so you can host your ultimate virtual event.

We’ve all noticed the rise of virtual and hybrid events. It has established itself among the types of events that one can organise. So it’s not a surprise that you’re looking for a checklist to host your own virtual event! You’ve come to the right place, we’ll walk you through the essentials!

Here are the things you need to host a virtual event: 

✅ A plan

Do we really need to tell you this? Of course you need a plan, man! There’s no successful virtual event without at least considering who’s invited, what’s the theme and how much budget is available. Can you answer these questions right on the spot? Then you can go ahead with planning your event, nice! Pick a good platform on which you’d like to host your virtual event. Consider each feature and add-on that’s available before you move on to the next item on the checklist:

✅ Inspiring speakers

Find people that are willing to share their most touching, inspiring speaches or research with your attendees. This of course depends on the type of virtual event you’re hosting – so feel free to replace ‘inspiring speakers’ with one or more of the following terms: 

  • Hilarious hosts
  • Amazing artists
  • Priceless Partners
  • Whopping workshop-givers
  • Inspiring interviewers
  • Friendly Virtual influencers

Mix up a great cocktail and set them up with the next element on this virtual event checklist:

✅ Incredible A/V

There’s nothing worse than trying to listen to someone who sounds like they are under water, or looks like they are made up of just 9 pixels. Not only because it makes for terrible screenshots or promo-videos, but also because it’s a shame they can’t share their knowledge in a fluent and proficient manner. Our advice? Invest in great Audio/Visual materials! And make sure all the speakers, presenters, workshop-givers are equipped correctly, so your event goes off without a hitch. We’ve recently created a session that runs during our free demo’s on how not to stream to give you tips and tricks. You can sign up for that here!

So that’s already a lot to think about, but there are two more things on our virtual event checklist that you need to tackle:

✅ A stable Internet Connection

We’ve all experienced it and maybe even threw some bad words in the direction of our computer when it happened: slow or inadequate internet connection. Wherever your speakers are, make sure they go live on a fast and stable internet connection. This way you can make sure their message gets across – fully, clearly and in a neat fashion. Because if they can not get their message across, it is highly unlikely your attendees will feel inspired! Want to test your internet connection now? Go to this website to find out.

And last but not least, combine all of the above to host your ultimate online event:

✅ Find an event platform that makes all your dreams come true

Create the right energy, the right spark with all features and light up the sky with fireworks! Make sure that if you have partners that you’d like to show, that they have their own space and can interact with your attendees. And – how did we not mention this earlier? –  don’t forget that your event should be more than a zoom meeting. Create interaction with your attendees to let your event be unforgettable and incredibly inspiring. 

There’s much more you need to take into consideration when organising an event, but these five things are essential if you want your event to be remembered! Host the virtual event of your dreams with Let’s Get Digital – sign up for our expert session to see what we have in store for you. And know that you’ll not have to do this alone: each event gets their own personal delivery consultant – someone dedicated to make your event memorable.


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