Presence Why Presence? Event management from A to Z Experts in online, virtual and hybrid setups Worldwide network of partnersAccess to a wide range of interactive tools, venues and platformsValue before, during and after the event   Additional services Interpretation Written translations Training & advice About About Presence Presence has been involved in event planning all […]

Event Mender

Event Mender Why Event Mender? Take out the guesswork – Remove the complexities that come with organizing a virtual or hybrid event. Increase your event’s ROI – Find the best platform for your budget without sitting through endless demos. Hi worry-free event days – Improve attendee satisfaction and minimize technical complications. About About Event Mender […]

EPEAK Studio

EPEAK Studio Why EPEAK Studio? Make the choice of transparency, reliability and quality by choosing EPEAK Studio.Our cutting-edge solutions for hybrid and virtual events include our modern production workflow with ready-to-stream camera kits. Experience our proven, scalable speaker & event management tool suite. Leverage our extensive live streaming production expertise to make your events a […]


Sprintr Why Sprintr? Technology evolves at an incredible rate, and many event organisers, exhibitors and sponsors don’t have the time to uncover the detail of every new innovative solution out there. But we do. Our team will discover which event solutions will work best for you, so you don’t have to. About About Sprintr We […]

Con gressa

con gressa Why con gressa? We are highly specialized on clients from research, technology and higher education. We are experts on scientific events and science outreach ativities. Just like “digital architects” we help build virtual meeting rooms, venues and interactive spaces – contact us! About About con gressa con gressa was founded in 2001 as […]

NFGD audiovisual

NFGD audiovisual Why NFGD Audiovisual? NFGD translates your audiovisual needs into brilliant total solutions. We use our knowledge & drive to create an unforgettable experience with technology that supports your communication and message. About About NFGD Audiovisual Changing the world through brilliant audiovisual communication, that’s our goal. We do this through continuous innovation in the […]


acs Why ACS? Organising events can be a tricky job. To make things a bit easier and give our clients peace of mind, we are happy to handle the complete audio-visual engineering side of things. With ACS’s experience, you can rest assured that everything will run smoothly. About About ACS For 35 years ACS has […]


smarteventslive Why smarteventslive? As a partner, we offer you the all-in-one solution for your hybrid or virtual event: from concept consulting, location, technical equipment, software solution and support! About About smarteventslive smarteventslive offers you simple, scalable & innovative solutions for your hybrid & virtual events. High quality technologyHigh-quality images transport the atmosphere on site to […]

Little Big One

Little Big One Why Little Big One? Our combined expertise in Film, stills & 3D We are a fast moving team who gets the job done, meaning that we can handle any production, small or big Our partnerships gives the client an all in all solution when it comes to producing material as well as […]

Iconic Summits

Iconic Summits Why Iconic Summits? Topic Research And Development Conference Production And Project Management Event Marketing And Hosting About About Iconic Summits Iconic Summits is a bespoke event producer and organiser based in Gauteng, South Africa. We provide a customised event development and production service coupled with the best virtual event platforms and software solutions. […]