Get the best of both worlds – Like Hannah Montana

In the Disney Series Hannah Montana, the main character had to continuously balance her life between two worlds: the one of a famous rockstar, and the one of an average teenage schoolgirl. When you choose Let’s Get Digital for your next event, you will never have to deal with these dilemmas like Hannah Montana, because […]

What role does technology play in hybrid event management?

How does technology benefit your hybrid evetn?

Learn how to host a hybrid event using technology that improves engagement and heightens the attendee experience with this blog. We give you a short recap of why you should host hybrid events and dive into how to choose the right partner that suits your specific needs.  Technology is crucial when it comes to hybrid […]

Hybrid event management – what should you do? 

How do you organise your next hybrid event successfully? We’ve gathered all types of tips concerning the organisation of hybrid events. We know you need this, because organising a hybrid event requires some other skills of the event manager. But which ones? And how should you incorporate this? In this blog we give you a […]

7 Hybrid event best practices that will make your next event stand out

7 Hybrid event best practices that will make your next event stand out

To make your next hybrid event stand out, some best practices from experts won’t hurt. In this article, our delivery consultant Anastasia Mikulcik shares her best tips to organize and improve your next hybrid event. Based on her broad experience, she has seen everything around hybrid event ideas change over time. For those who are […]

Is it worth the effort to turn your event into a hybrid event?

We’ve seen the world open up again. With all kinds of events (such as all the previously canceled festivals) popping up again, it feels like nothing ever changed. But the opposite is true: we have lived through cancellations and lockdowns. We came out stronger and wiser. The question that is on everyone’s mind when hosting […]

An Acro… nymic? Acrobatic? Acrostic blog about Let’s Get Digital

acrostic blog image

Long live creative formats for blogs! The word ‘acrostic’ might be something you want to google – but we will save you the trouble: it’s what you’re looking at. Each sentence starts with a letter of our name, creating a nice little verse to inform you about our tools to make your event memorable. Each […]

4 essential learnings: choosing hybrid event software that suits your needs in 2022

4 essential learnings choosing hybrid event software that suits your needs in 2022

Hybrid event software unlocks excellent potential for event managers that want to expand their audience, getting speakers aboard more cost-effectively and unlocking ways to give sponsors a new way to be present at events. After the event, the hybrid event technology provides ways to do an in-depth analysis of the performance of your event. This […]

So you want to host events to be remembered?

so you want your events to be remebered

Make everyone’s chair turn for you while hosting the most memorable event of all.  Think about it: great ROI’s, cheering crowds, spectators and participants alike going home with memories that they will cherish forever. Let’s Get Digital supports your dreams! Whether this means hosting a virtual event, or building bridges between the online and the […]

The best of both worlds: how to monetise your event

Hosting an online event is one thing, but being able to monetise it is a second. How do you do that? It sounds weird, doesn’t it? COVID-19 is responsible for more event visitors to your in-person events, but in the long term, it is! Now we can finally go in-person again; it’s time to combine […]