Everything is a learning process; what did event managers learn from 2020?

“If you haven’t conducted research or gained experience with virtual alternatives to live events, you’re way behind and have a lot of catching up to do!” – Merijn van Buuren Time to look back At the beginning of 2021, we look back at the year 2020. Who could have predicted a year ago that the […]

Organizing a virtual event: How does it work?


  Most event managers have organized one or more virtual events in the past year. But, how does that actually work? Where do you start, and what do you need to take into account? What are common mistakes? We put these questions to one of our Event Consultants, Meike Paternotte. She is in daily contact […]

Five advantages of a digital event

Lets Get Digital platform

Thanks to the COVID-19 crisis, the world we live in is becoming more and more digital. The ”new normal” is often talked about. This also applies to the events industry; now that physical events are almost no longer possible, online alternatives are already on the rise. Naturally, it takes some getting used to in the […]