How does an emotional response help create memorable events?  

Want to create memorable events? Bet you do! Did you know that emotion plays a significant role in the process of remembering events? A lot of big brains are pondering the question how. Let’s Get Digital  thought it over and has a part of the answer for you. Namely: why do you need this emotional […]

Let’s Get Digital gives Groningen a warm start to 2022

Groningen, 3 January 2022 Let’s Get Digital is providing less fortunate people, in the city of Groningen, a warm start to 2022 by donating more than 50 hoodies to the Salvation Army and a contribution to the Voedselbank. Let’s Get Digital, founded in Groningen, is a software company that focuses on facilitating remarkable online, in-person […]

The brand of your virtual event


How to build a strong brand for your online event experience Branding and customizing your online or hybrid event experience is a must. Why are the best online events so successful? Well, a great deal of its success stems from branding that stands out from anything else. When it comes to online events and branding, […]

A lot of firsts – with many more to come

Erwin Balkema

Aug 16, 2021 ⋅ Organise virtual events with a fully personalised and thoroughly engaging experience for every attendee. Read about Tips for Audience Interactions from Let’s Get Digital here now.

It takes two to tango

It takes two to tango

Hybrid events are the future. Create unforgettable experiences by combining interactive online components with physical elements.