The British Medical Association’s International Conference on Physician Health 2021

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Introducing: the British Medical Association (BMA) The BMA is a trade union that gives a powerful voice to doctors and medical students across the UK. They lobby and campaign for the best terms and conditions to help advocate for a healthy population with outstanding healthcare. Through layers of governmental and representative involvement, BMA negotiates, researches […]

Organising an event: do I go offline, online or hybrid?

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That’s the question everyone who wants to organize an event asks themselves now a big part of the world is going back to normal. To help you find the answer, we’ve listed the advantages and disadvantages of each event variant below. Contact us if you need more advice or information to make the right choice […]

Driven by enthusiasm: these are the core values of Let’s Get Digital


It’s Thursday morning, a quarter past 8; the coffee machine is running and the employees of Let’s Get Digital are slowly dripping in. If you look around the office, you’ll often see young people who are passionate about their own work. If you ask someone about their colleague’s motivation, they can’t give you a specific […]

Eurovision Song Contest 2021 uses Groningen-based Let’s Get Digital

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The Eurovision Song Contest 2021, which will be held in Rotterdam in May, will use the environment of Let’s Get Digital during the festival to host international media in a virtual press center. Last week, the Song Contest announced to perform this edition at one and a half meters, with sharp corona measures allowing all […]

Five awesome possibilities in the Let’s Get Digital platform

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Since the launch of Let’s Get Digital, we have invested a lot of time in building great features on our platform. This is how we make our slogan ”digital that feels like physical” come true. In designing our platform we started with a very important question: what is the visitor’s journey? In order to map […]

Three golden tips for digital speakers


Three golden tips for digital speakers Giving a presentation online? Anyone can do that. However, activating your audience, inspiring them and keeping their attention to following your entire presentation is not so easy. What tips are essential for giving a good presentation? We put this question to one of our enthusiastic Event Consultants, Meike Paternotte. […]

Everything is a learning process; what did event managers learn from 2020?

Digitale mogelijkheden

“If you haven’t conducted research or gained experience with virtual alternatives to live events, you’re way behind and have a lot of catching up to do!” – Merijn van Buuren Time to look back At the beginning of 2021, we look back at the year 2020. Who could have predicted a year ago that the […]

Organizing a virtual event: How does it work?


Practice makes perfect” also applies to digital events. Organizing your very first virtual event feels more complex than a live event, simply because you have little to no experience. Organizing your second or third virtual event is a lot easier – guaranteed. But, where do you start when organizing a virtual event? Meike told us […]

Five advantages of a digital event

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Thanks to the COVID-19 crisis, the world we live in is becoming more and more digital. The ”new normal” is often talked about. This also applies to the events industry; now that physical events are almost no longer possible, online alternatives are already on the rise. Naturally, it takes some getting used to in the […]