Through the eyes of Let’s Get Digital – Bas Krijgsman


“We even had the idea to deliver food, just to be able to do something.” Bas and Ruben see their dream fall apart. On March 15, 2020, it will be announced that all events are prohibited until September 1st. A fast-growing company called EventInsight sees sales plummet to zero – nothing, zilch, nada. Literally every […]

Through the eyes of the speaker – René Lolkema

“On a physical stage, because of the bright lights, you often only see the first two rows. So, it won’t be such a big difference.” René Lolkema (Business Coach and Team Coach) – Speaker during The Showcase of Niquell In the beginning… I got the most business out of networking before COVID-19. But of course, […]

Organiser Interview – Monique Huizenga

Organizer Interview – Monique Huizenga “The ball is rolling again; that’s very nice for an event agency of course. We can do it again!” Monique Huizenga (owner and founder of Niquell events & projects) – Organizer of The Showcase. Online events? Before the COVID crisis broke out, we organized a lot of (mainly physical) events at […]

Through the eyes of the speaker – Bart Joling


“You’re the star of the show without even knowing it” Bart Joling (director Ten Stripes) – Speaker during The Niquell Showcase A digital event: (outside of) normal? I’m very digitally minded myself, so when Niquell asked me to speak at a digital event, I saw it as a nice new challenge – and it is. […]