From high-heels to slippers

From high-heels to slippers Natasja wakes up slowly by the intrusive sound of her alarm clock, in the early morning. After she has finished her fried egg and a cup of coffee, it’s time to start working. The journey to her workplace is a full floor upstairs. She slips on her slippers, and with a […]

Edward goes digital

Edward the event haunts the streets. Less than a year ago, he ran weekly events. But since March, everything is different. Since then, he is unemployed. Edward was always a cheerful event, with beautiful impressive decorations, an extensive program, and inspiring speakers. People liked to visit Edward. Sometimes he was a big event, sometimes a bit […]

LGD Expert Session – Online Experiences

LGD Expert Session – Online Experiences After a successful first edition of the LGD Expert Sessions, with the theme “New Year, New Opportunities”, January 26th is the time for another Expert Session. During the Expert Sessions, our panel of experts will talk with one another; each will have a 15-minute session in which they will […]

After rain comes sunshine

Gardening bij Emma

While Emma has been watering her rose bush, pruning the young buds, and the last weeds have been removed, she remembers with melancholy a time when she was running and supervising events almost every day. The world of events has been lying on its ass for a long time because of coronavirus measures. There are […]