The differences between a digital event and a webinar

While you’re making a sandwich for your five year old daughter, try to keep your mind on a live work meeting. Working from home has long been the norm, and the kitchen table has become your desk. It’s been six months since the first lockdown, and since then, we’ve all become more and more accustomed to working from home. As a result, the use of digital systems has also increased exponentially. But at what cost?

Meetings, Meetings & More Meetings

Besides the fact that we feel increasingly more comfortable in the digital world (a positive development), digital activities also have a downside. The endless Zoom or Google meetings and long webinars have decreased our ability to concentrate for a longer period of time.

Screen fatigue

Screen fatigue, or even webinar fatigue, is something you might recognize in yourself. Have you ever dropped out during a webinar? I’m sure we’ve all been guilty of that. It takes energy to stay focused on a webinar or digital meeting for a long period of time. The phenomenon of screen fatigue is born. We must be able to do something about it!

Online involvement

Keeping attention for a longer period of time is not always easy, especially online. Fortunately, we bring you positive news from the events sector – Let’s Get Digital has built an online events platform. With this platform, you experience a digital event as if you were there yourself, with enough stimuli and interaction to hold the attention of the digital visitors.

Webinar versus digital event

Recently, we’ve received the same questions on a regular basis: “Is your platform suitable for webinars?” and “Why is Let’s Get Digital suitable as a digital event location?” However, the most important question we’ve been asked was:

“What is the difference between a webinar and a digital event?”


A webinar is an amalgamation of the words ‘web’ and ‘seminar’. It’s an online broadcast in which the speaker presents a message, looking to generate leads or transfer knowledge. Participants can get involved via the Internet. A webinar can be seen as an event location with only one room. You go in and out – that’s all. No reception, no personal touch, only that one room.

Digital event

But, how do you keep people involved online for a longer period of time? How do you keep up their enthusiasm, and how do you engage them? The answer: via a digital event. Our digital events contain all the facets that belong to a real live event. For example:

– Personal check-in
– Accidentally entering the wrong room
– Networking moments
– Staying in the lobby a little too long and missing a part of the presentation

The best part of a digital event? The participants are not bored, even for a moment. A digital event has a program, similar to a physical event. Through a diverse and stimulating program, and with the elements of a physical event, time flies by.

Digital future

Digital events with the experience as if you were there yourself – that’s the future. Screen fatigue is the past. With this positive prospect, we now close. If you want to read more about the possibilities of Let’s Get Digital versus a webinar, please read on our possibilities page.

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