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Our virtual event platform makes sure you host an event that will be remembered by millions. But what does it look like? Our amazing hosts Paddy and Eimear will guide you through the platform, show you all its features and tell you all there is to know about our platform.

Explainer video 1 - Introduction

Let’s Get into it, shall we?

Explainer video 2 - Home

Let’s Get You Checked In!

Explainer video 3 - Interaction

Let’s Network!

Explainer video 4 - Virtual booth

Let’s set up shop!

Explainer video 5 - Customisation

Let’s customise!

Explainer video 6 - Environmental impact

Let’s decrease our environmental impact

Explainer video 7 - Insights and statistics

Let’s stay in touch

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Create Fireworks!

Ready to read up on the defamiliarization effect, the Royal Family of Content and what this all has to do with hosting events that stand out from the rest? Go ahead, download our whitepaper!

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