Mobile Event app

Let’s Get Digital helps you manage your in-person events with seamless and customizable solutions. Enhance your attendees’ event experience before, during, and after the event with the use of our mobile event app. 

Let's Get Digital Mobile Event App

Benefits of the Let's Get Digital app

Shake to

Shake your phone to view or scan a QR code of somebody that you want to connect with! You will be saved in each other’s connections list which you can download afterwards.


Use the interactive map to find stands, toilets, companies, everything that is located at the event. Click on it to find all the information. 

Smart matchmaking

Add your interests to the app and get matched to someone at the event with similar interests. Who knows, maybe it is a match made in heaven!

Our mobile application improves your event by...

  • Advanced matchmaking
  • Great support across the event process
  • Unique features
  • Company branding
  • Sponsor showcasing
  • Company booths 
  • Advertisements and newsfeeds
  • Shake to connect
  • Download connections 
  • Advanced insights
  • Chat function
  • And many more!

What does the app add to my event?

The Let’s Get Digital event app offers a wide range of solutions. Besides from checking-in attendees, the app can give more event insights regarding programmes, exhibitors, or location.

As an organizer, you can increase brand awareness with customization options. Register attendees via the app, keep track of them and keep them engaged with news, notifications and gamification. Also, exhibitors will have their booth on the app and generate more leads through the app.

What does the app add to my event?
What benefits does it have for me as an event manager?

What benefits does it have for me as an event manager?

Our goal is to enhance the experience of your attendees, because happy visitors equals a happy event organizer right?

The Let’s Get Digital app does not only have many features to improve the event experience for your attendees, but also for you as an event organizer. Collect feedback with the feedback tool, or use the data collected by the app to get advanced insights into your event statistics. 

How do I find the right in-person event solution?

There are many in-person event solutions that can benefit your event. Our sales department is ready to help you in finding the fit!

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