Create the most engaging sessions

Upgrade your engagement

Gather Q&As, chat with or poll the audience, share files, have live interaction with the audience and do much more during your session. Engagement will be the middle name of your events.

Let's Get Digital

Let users choose

Some users like to lurk, some like to chat, while others prefer to wait for the usual Q&A to fire off their questions. By giving them multiple options to engage with your speakers, they can participate within their comfort level.

Let's Get Digital

Let speakers lead

Speakers need to lead the engagement if they want their session to be a success. They can use features like polls or Q&As to keep users glued to the screen. The chat can be moderated and questions deleted should this be necessary.

Let's Get Digital

Let thoughts be shared

Use the built-in digital whiteboard to turn the abstract into the concrete. Or share your slide deck, practice materials, ebooks, checklists or other lead magnets. Everything is available in the content library for easy access.