acs Why ACS? Organising events can be a tricky job. To make things a bit easier and give our clients peace of mind, we are happy to handle the complete audio-visual engineering side of things. With ACS’s experience, you can rest assured that everything will run smoothly. About About ACS For 35 years ACS has […]


Eventronics Why Eventronics? Experts in combining AV ICT & Events Pioneers in live streaming Large pool of passionate & experienced people About About Eventronics EVENTRONICS is an event technology company based on 15 years of digital experience with a passion for technology and events. Our mission is to modernize and digitize events with complete technological […]


BANO Bano invents, designs and takes care of events in the field of event organization. Why Bano? One contact for platform, projectmanagement and execution. Reliable worldwide working company with 58 years of experience. We create the Wow in you event. About About BANO From idea to wow. Beyond the expectations of your client. The company […]