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congress platform

Let’s Get Digital is the perfect virtual congress platform. We can host your next congress on our platform with ease! Grant your visitors the ultimate event experience with the best ways to connect and interact. We’ll take your virtual congress to the next level!

Our virtual event
platform offers

Easy interaction

Easy interaction

1-on-1 (video)chats, networking carousels, chat rooms… you name it!

Virtual partner booths

Virtual partner booths

Each partner their own virtual booth, free to visit


Personalised Schedules

Let your visitors know who to talk to

Personalised schedules at our virtual congress platform

Get personalised schedules at our virtual congress platform. Inform visitors what part of your event fits their interests or job description. Let’s Get Digital helps them get the most out of their experience – to give them the ultimate event experience at your virtual congress.

Virtual congress platform: not complete without partner booths!

Partners can set up their own booth, personalise its appearance and (video)chat with their visitors. As a visitor, you can come by, chat, ask questions and get informed about their activities. Let’s Get Digital provides personal, direct contact to create an experience that is unmatched by any other virtual congress platform.

Easy interaction on our virtual congress platform

We remove the threshold of online interaction. On our virtual congress platform, visitors will enjoy easy ways to interact: with the partners at the booths, a workshop giver or speaker and most importantly, with each other! Chat in the lobby, or connect in a 1-on-1 session by joining a networking carousel. Make new connections and create unforgettable experiences on the virtual congress platform by Let’s Get Digital.

Easy interaction on our virtual conference platform

The sky’s the limit! ​

Hosting on our virtual congress platform means you can invite anyone you want, from wherever they are! Even if you gather twice the number of visitors the Ziggo Dome can host, it’s no problem for our virtual congress platform. Let’s Get Digital is here to fulfill all your wishes.

The ideal virtual
congress platform

Let’s Get Digital has it all – from partner booths to interaction tools. Everything to ensure your visitor gets an unlimited event experience, new connections and the inspiration to cherish. Try it out yourself!

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