5 learnings from hosting the Eurovision Virtual Press Centre

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After turning the Virtual Press Centre into a success last year, we are hosting Eurovision Song Contest in 2022 as well. In this digital handout, we reflect on the challenge of creating a mindblowing yet purposeful digital experience for a critical and demanding audience, so you can learn from it to make our virtual event platform even better. Right on time for your upcoming event.  

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In March 2021, we got a call from the Eurovision Song Contest organiser, asking us to create a virtual press centre, so that a thousand journalists could attend the event from wherever they are as if they were really there live in Rotterdam Ahoy. Well, as lifelong song festival fans, we couldn’t refuse that offer, so we got our act together and took up the challenge to create an experience that would blow the members of the press away.

In this free digital handout we share our learnings of this journey.

Download the free handout with learnings and insider tips

free digital handout on hosting eurovision press centre

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